Thursday 28 June
Junior School Music Festival, Art & Design Technology Exhibition, Talk: Keith Brymer Jones, Poetry Promenade
Junior School Music Festival

The Junior School Music Festival was held over three days this year with its 150 plus entries.  Our adjudicator, Paul Edlin, was absolutely superb with his wise and perceptive judgments. He was also extremely encouraging to all the young participants, helping them to give their best on the day. All instrumental categories were represented from brass, strings, woodwind, percussion, voice, piano and organ.  After the pre heats were held, the finals took place on Thursday 28th June in the Recital Hall. The breadth of talent on offer was staggering, ranging from a vibrant 30 minute concert in the morning given by the Pre-Prep to a 75 minute musical feast from all the first place prize winners later on in the afternoon. Well done to you all for an immense achievement.

Review by Spencer Payne

Art & Design Technology Exhibition

The second day of the St Edmund’s Festival got off to a great start with the Private View of the Art and Design Technology Exhibition in the Old Gymnasium Gallery.  This was an opportunity for both departments to once again showcase GCSE and A Level work produced over the last academic year.  The exhibition was a great success and gained many compliments. Visual work from both departments provided a feast for the eyes. The range of talent, creativity and skill on show impressed and captivated the audience. Visitors were treated to delicious hors d’oeuvres created by the Leiths students.  Later in the evening the exhibition was used as the venue for the Poetry Promenade which brought another dimension to a truly multi-sensory experience.

Review by Alison Slater-Williams

Talk: Keith Bryer Jones 'Clay, The Universe, and everything'

In the Theatre guests were treated to an inspiring talk by Keith Brymer Jones from the BBC’s Pottery Throw Down. Keith fascinated the audience as he described how his interest in pottery started in school, progressed to working as a clay boy during a long apprenticeship and how through sheer hard work and dedication he secured contracts with Heals, Habitat and Laura Ashley.  His passion for creativity and for Craft along with persistence and long hours of hard work has underpinned the successful business he has established with his own very successful ranges.  Keith is a household name through his appearance on the BBC but he is also a great advocate of the arts and supports many creative groups and initiatives.  His talk which was entertaining and passionate captivated the audience.

Review by Alison Slater-Williams

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